Reproduction Metal Castings


Reproduction Metal Castings



From the age of 8 years old, I took great delight in taking my lucky packet plastic figurines, and making a candle wax casting of it. I would tightly press oil based clay all around the figure to make a mold, and then drip candle wax into that to make a duplicate of my figurine. I never grew out of the enjoyment of this; I did however start making my own sculptures from which to make metal castings. Modeling in plasticine, making plaster molds and then casting my own versions of  favorite classic characters has been a great hobby.


1.A reproduction of 1934 Britains ambulance and GPO vehicle with driver, paramedic and postman.  (This was achieved with metal casting in an 8 part plaster of Paris mold and a little bit of sheet metal for the rear section of the vehicle);

2.The Wizard of Oz set;

3.Disney set

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