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Man’s Best Friend

man's best friendMan’s Best Friend

1965 stop frame puppet animation 8mm film. At the age of 24 this personal project was done using a Paillard Bolex P1 with single frame attachment. I had had no formal training and had just read as many books as I could find on stop frame film making.This project was done over about eight months working in my spare time. It won several local and international awards.



Symphony in Sync

stop frame animation puppets

Symphony in Sync

This stop frame puppet animation was made in 1965 in my garage at home. I used an 8mm Paillard P1 Bolex camera to shoot frame by frame. The puppets made are about 3 inches in size. The biggest challenge was to animate in sync to the music. This was achieved by scratching the timing of the music onto 8mm film with a pin and thereby calculating the frames needed for synchronization.